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AP Language & Composition

Course Description:

Advanced Placement Language and Composition – This course requires students to write in a variety of academic forms and subjects, with a focus on the extended effort writing process.  Students will also work with informal modes of writing to make writing second-nature and to increase self-awareness as writers.  All readings, mostly non-fiction, will lead students to a deeper understanding of the conscious choices an author makes when shaping a piece of writing. Students will reflect on these choices in expository, analytical, and argumentative writing assignments.  Students will find that all of these course requirements will be met in a supportive environment that allows for both teacher and student feedback/revision on writing assignments.  Writing will be critiqued with a focus on developing vocabulary, improving sentence variety, thinking critically about organization, using both general and specific details, introducing an understanding of rhetoric, and developing strong tone and unique voice in non-fiction and fiction alike. There will be a required summer reading assignment and accompanying essay that must be completed to remain in the course.  Students and parents must sign AP Statement of Understanding. 


Course Syllabus: