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2nd Quarter Mid-Quarter Check-Ins!
Below is the slideshow from the mid-quarter check-in meetings on December 15th.  Please review the slides.  There are important points regarding attendance, Christmas break, schedules, and resources that are available to you! 
mid-quarter check-in2
Christmas break runs from December 23-January 3 for all Marion Center students.  This includes cyber students!  Students in 6-12 are able to work ahead in the platform.  Students in K-12 may use this time to catch up on any classes or assignments that are not completed up to date.  The virtual tutor at the secondary level will not be available, and your teachers are on break too.  However, feel free to complete work within the platform!
JANUARY-MARCH questions and concerns:
From January to March please reach out to Mrs. Britton (K-12) or Mr. Peterson (6-12) with any questions, concerns or needs that you have for the MC Cyber Academy while Mrs. Mancuso is on maternity leave. They can be reached at or and also by phone at 724-397-5551.
MC Cyber Academy Reminders:
Please remember that you are expected to login to each of your classes each school day for at least 30 minutes to be counted "present" for attendance.  Unlawful absences accrue when you do not login.
Also, students in grades 6-12, check your school district email daily for messages from your teachers. You can access your school district email (using the same login information that you use for Edgenuity) by going to and clicking on Outlook.
Students in K-12: Email your teachers for updated days and times of their office hours.  Teachers are available for a 40 minute virtual weekly meeting for each and every class! 
Current ELEMENTARY cyber students may access their courses using the link below:
Current HIGH SCHOOL cyber students may access their courses using the link below:(click image)
Virtual Tutor:
Students in grades 6-12 can access the online Virtual Tutor Monday-Saturday from 7am-11pm for English/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies/History.  Please view the image below to see how you can access this outstanding feature in the MC Area Cyber Academy and get instant help in your classes!
Virtual Tutor
School District Student Email:
Students are expected to check their school district email each day to receive messages from their teachers.  Please go to and login with your Marion Center Area School District email address (i.e., enter your district password and select Outlook.  Your Edgenuity login information is also your Outlook email login information.  You are expected to check and use this email address to communicate with teachers (please refrain from using gmail, yahoo, etc.).
The Marion Center Area Cyber Academy offers an online learning option for students throughout the district in grades Pre-K-12.

MCACA uses the Edgenuity platform and is taught by Marion Center and Edgenuity teachers. This is a comprehensive cyber option with the features of traditional cyber, but the added benefit of a local connection to our teachers. Students within the academy can schedule times during office hours to meet in person or virtually with their teachers as needed throughout the school year and are encouraged to participate in the district’s extracurricular programs and activities. Because the curriculum is aligned with Marion Center’s curriculum, students can move from cyber to brick and mortar with ease.

Students in the cyber program will receive an HP Chromebook computer to access coursework from home.

Advantages to the Marion Center Area Cyber Academy:

  • On-line home based learning that is not bound by time or location
  • Instant, on-demand access to tutoring and help “on the spot” so students can get the help when they need it
  • Ability to work with our very own Marion Center teachers
  • Opportunities to meet face-to-face for virtual tutoring and learning sessions with their teachers
  • Weekly progress monitoring reports are sent to families and students to monitor progress as well as achievement
  • Opportunity to participate in sports, band, chorus, ROTC, etc.
  • There are nearly 350 courses to enroll in
  • State mandated PSSA and Keystone testing done at MC avoiding long drives to testing centers
  • Seniors will earn a Marion Center High School diploma
  • Maintaining Stinger Pride!

For more information, please contact Tiffany Mancuso at 724-397-5551 Ext. 1130 or


Please note that enrollments will require 3-5 school days to process paperwork and/or have equipment ready for pickup. 
Click below to register online now