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Activity Buses

Marion Center Area School District
Activity Bus Schedule
West Activity Bus
5:12 pm Depart Rayne Elementary
5:30 pm Depart Marion Center HS
5:42 pm Hutton Blews Insurance
5:46 pm Route 110 @ Wida Rd (Old Sweeney's Market)
5:50 pm Ernest (Store Hill Road)
5:53 pm Creekside (Jevicky's Store)
6:00 pm Willet Church
6:05 pm Waddings Meats
6:10 pm Route 85 @ Route 954 intersection (Plumville)
6:12 pm Intersection of 210 & Rossmoyne Road
6:21 pm Georgeville intersection
6:25 pm East View trailer court
East Activity Bus
5:30 pm Depart Marion Center HS
5:35 pm Martin's Gas Station
5:37 pm Family Dollar Store
5:45 pm Tanoma Hall
5:48 pm Barr Slope (Coe Avenue)
6:00 pm Decker's Point (Intersection of PineVale and Dixonville)
6:05 pm East Run/Pine Vale Road intersection
6:10 pm Nashville intersection
6:17 pm Rochester Mills (Post Office)
6:25 pm Locust Road Bridge (Canoe Ridge Road)
Please note that the times shown above are approximate stop times and may be earlier if stops before do not need serviced.  Please plan accordingly so that your child will have transportation available as they exit the activity bus.  Buses will drop at each stop and depart with or without parent/guardian present.