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Character Strong

CharacterStrong is a PreK-12th grade digital curriculum designed to build social and emotional competence, develop character, and cultivate strong educator-student relationships. 


The Secondary CharacterStrong Social Emotional Learning program was developed based on research in Social Emotional Learning, psychology, education, and adolescent development It consists of SEL competencies such as self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social and self-awareness and frequently uses interactive games, activity-based learning, partner and full group discussion, writing, and skill practice. 


The CharacterStrong Curricula at Marion Center consists of 35 lessons per grade level in 6th-8th grades and 25 lessons per grade level in 9th-12th grades Each lesson is designed to be delivered with no prep and no supplies (besides pen/paper), with a strong focus on student voice and choice and an average delivery time of 30 minutes (with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of timing needs) CharacterStrong lessons are delivered in-person, during STAR Period. 


CharacterStrong is designed around 3 outcomes (student well-being, student belonging, and student engagement in school and community) using 5 primary ingredients to get there (Emotion Understanding & Regulation, Empathy & Compassion, Values & Purpose, Goals & Habits, and Leadership & Teamwork) Each lesson features a welcome, a community-building activity, interactive content, a character challenge to apply learning in their real lives, and an optimistic closure. 



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