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Opportunites for College Credit

IUP Dual Enrollment

Marion Center Area School District has entered a partnership with Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP).  The purpose of this program is to provide qualified Marion Center High School juniors and seniors with the opportunity to begin their college experience prior to graduating from high school.  Please see the counselor for more information and application materials if you are interested in this program.

Important Info

-         *  Course must not be something already offered at Marion Center – above and beyond what is already offered at MC

-          * The course will count as a graduation credit requirement, but not toward GPA/class rank.

-          * Marion Center high school students may earn a maximum of three (3) units of high school     academic credit to be applied toward graduation requirements for courses not offered at MCHS.

-          * Tuition is at student/parent(s) expense – a 75% percent tuition reduction for MC students

-          * Transportation is the responsibility of student/parent


Mount Aloysius College Dual Enrollment

Marion Center Area School District has entered into an agreement with Mount Aloysius College to offer college level courses at our high school for interested juniors and seniors. The courses eligible for college credit include:

Advanced Placement English Literature - 3 credits

Advanced Placement Biology - 4 credits

Advanced Placement Chemistry - 4 credits

Advanced Placement US Government - 3 credits

Advanced Placement Calculus BC - 3 credits

Students enrolling in these courses are not required to participate in the dual enrollment option.

The cost of a 3 credit course is approximately $155 and a 4 credit course is $205. Payment for these courses will not be due until November of the participating school year.

Students will receive a transcript from Mount Aloysius with courses and credits listed. It is the student’s responsibility to forward this information to any post secondary institution they will be attending. They will need to check with the admissions office of that school to see how the credits will transfer. Credits usually transfer as general education requirements. Actual grades and grade point averages do not transfer.

If you have any questions regarding the dual enrollment program with Mount Aloysius, please do not hesitate to stop in the guidance office to discuss the program and obtain application materials.









The Advanced Placement Program (AP) gives high school students exposure to college-level material through involvement in AP courses. Through this program, students may earn credit, advanced placement, or both for college. The AP Program promotes critical thinking independent evaluation, accelerated learning and achievement.

Our AP program offers rigorous college level courses that have been approved by the College Board and prepares students for success in their academic futures. Under this accelerated learning program, students will sharpen their analytical and writing skills, and hone their study habits in preparation for a demanding college curriculum.


The College Board has implemented an ordering window and procedure for taking the exams. You must go onto your college board account and sign up for each exam you are planning to take. Even if you are not taking the exam, you still need to “join the class” in case your teacher wants to give assignments from the College Board. The payment of $93.00 for each exam and this form is due by Friday October 28th. No refunds will be given. If students have financial needs, please see Mrs. Pearce in the guidance office for payment instructions.


Please circle the exams that you will be taking and make checks payable to Marion Center High School.



AP Government (Join code YJ23DV) Monday, May 1st 8am

AP Literature (Join code ZVZQLP) Wednesday, May 3rd 8am

AP Calc AB (Join code 23ENDD) Monday, May 8th 8am

AP Calc BC (Join code E7V3LY) Monday, May 8th 8am

AP English Language (Join Code 2GL6E9) Tuesday, May 9th 8am

AP Biology (Join Code JQGPJ6) Wednesday, May 10th Noon

                               Mount Aloysius College in High School Information   



Marion Center High School





  • The College in High School Program (formally Dual Enrollment) allows high school students to earn college credits while taking approved courses in high school. The following courses are approved for the College in High School program through Mount Aloysius College:


Marion Center High School Course Title

Mount Aloysius College Course Title

Mount Aloysius College Course Code

Mount Aloysius College Course Credits

Language and Composition

Rhetoric I

ENGL 110


Honors World


World Civilizations since 1500

HIST 102


U.S. History

American History since 1877

HIST 202


AP Calculus AB



MATH 113


AP Calculus BC


Calculus I

MATH 117




Applied Physics

PHYS 103


AP Government

American National Government

PLSC 203



Introduction to Social Science

SOCI 100



  • The deadline to apply online for the College in High School program is September 25, 2022.


  • You must be a sophomore, junior, or senior to register for a course(s) through Mount Aloysius College. To earn college credit, the student must register and pay for the course(s) by the deadline, earn at least a “C” average or better in the course(s) and attend school regularly.


The cost is $65.00 per credit.  There is no registration fee.  Payment must be submitted at the time of registration along with your application online.


  • Credits earned through our college in high school program have transferred to many colleges and universities. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING IF THE COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY IN WHICH YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING ACCEPTS THE CREDITS.  The best way to do this is to contact the admissions office of the school you are interested in attending. You may obtain a copy of the Mount Aloysius College syllabus from your guidance counselor to have the college or university you plan to attend review for transfer approval.






  • Once the course is completed and grades have been submitted to the college by your instructor or guidance counselor, a transcript may be obtained through the National Student Clearinghouse at and choose “hold for final grades” when the option arrives. Turnaround time for final transcripts takes approximately two to three weeks after completion of course.


  • If you have questions about this information, visit the guidance office or have your parent contact the high school.