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Student Assistance Program



The SAP program has been designed to improve the quality of education in our school by providing assistance to the students troubled by physical or emotional health or drug & alcohol use problems.

Problems of this nature interfere with educational performance and social development of the student. When a student is troubled, so are teachers, counselors and other school staff. Help is needed for the student having difficulties and for staff members dealing with the student.

The SAP Team may refer the student and their parents to outside agencies to assist in meeting the needs of the student.

The SAP program is coordinated by a group of concerned staff members and liaisons from community agencies who are professionally trained in identification of high risk behaviors among adolescents.



The primary focus of the program is to assess the student whose behavior patterns raise concerns and develop a plan which addresses the specific needs of the student.

The SAP team first collects information from the staff regarding the student's observed behaviors and academic performance. Parents are then contacted to gain permission to work with the student to build his/her strengths while addressing behaviors, which interfere with learning. The SAP team continues to monitor the student and provide support where needed as long as the team feels it is necessary.



Please contact one of the counselors!