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College Algebra / Probability & Statistics

Course Description:
College Algebra is designed to continue to build the mathematics skills and background of the student who is planning on attending college but is not taking calculus. Students planning a technical career will also benefit from this course. The course emphasis is on building algebra skills and knowledge. A scientific calculator is required.
Probability and Statistics will include a variety of activities that guide students to discover statistical concepts, explore statistical principles, and apply statistical techniques through the analysis of genuine data, interaction with each other, with the teacher, and with technology. Students will be required to collect data, make predictions, read studies, analyze data, discuss findings, and write explanations. The skills acquired through Probability and Statistics will foster the development of the critical thought required for
the high-tech, media-oriented world in which we live and enable the student to become a skillful and cautious decision maker. A scientific calculator is required.
Course Syllabus: