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Science 8

Course Description:
Life Science 8 focuses on the Nature of science, Biological science, Physical science, Chemistry, and Earth and Space science. This year students will experience studies in the importance of scientific inquiry and how it is applied. Students will learn how to observe, classify, question and analyze events in their world. We will explore gravity, motion, force, and simple machines. Students will explore characteristics of living things and types of living things. We will investigate the cell and cell processes. We continue to build from the simplest bacteria to complex animals. Students will be introduced to environmental and ecological issues. We will explore mixtures, compounds and elements. Students will study the aspects of forces and motion. Students will experience studies and experiments in aspects of the earth’s plates, land forms and weather events. We will investigate the sun, moon and the earth-moon system. We will explore and discuss new trends in science. The students will have an opportunity to take part in laboratory activities, dissection activities, class activities, and other group work.
Course Syllabus: