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Pathways Education

Pathways Education aims to provide more personalized educational experiences for our learners.  Our curriculum for the 2022-23 school year is geared toward developing well-rounded individuals with diverse skill sets, fostering self-development through diverse course offerings, and providing a more individualized approach based upon post-secondary goals.  Students will have more opportunities in the areas of technology development, attaining college credits during their high school experience, and selecting elective courses that meet their interests and personal career goals.


During their ninth grade year, students in Marion Center Area School District enroll in a career planning and development course that will help them develop a plan of course work to meet their educational and career goals. By following a personalized learning pathway, learners prepare themselves for work or further education after high school. Goal-setting and the understanding of career and educational options are an important part of the high school program. By the time learners reach the high school, most will have a general idea about their career goals. Those that do not will continue through career planning activities to help guide them on the path that will best suit their planned outcomes.