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Dual Enrollment Opportunities


Dual enrollment is an opportunity for high school students to earn college credit while earning their required high school credits.  In order to enroll in dual enrollment opportunities, students must have an overall grade point average of 3.0. Marion Center offers three options for college credit.



Several courses within the district are approved for College in the Classroom credit.  These courses are taught by Marion Center staff members who have the required credentials to teach college level coursework.  Approved courses are identified on the following page and are marked with two asterisks (**) on the course list on pages 10 and 11. We currently have partnerships with Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC) and Mount Aloysius to provide College in the Classroom credits.  In order to receive college credit, students must enroll at the college, complete a dual enrollment form, and pay for the course by a designated date provided by the college (usually Sept/Oct).  Information will be given to all students enrolled in approved courses at the start of the 2022-23 school year. Course credits through WCCC and Mount Aloysius are $60 per credit.  The majority of courses earn 3 credits.  Payment for course credits is the responsibility of the learner or parent/guardian. However, there are opportunities for students to receive grant funding. Contact the Guidance Office for more information. More importantly, please don't let cost keep you from enrolling!



Students in 11th and 12th grades may earn credit toward graduation requirements for completion of planned courses of study through enrollment at higher education institutions approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or other accredited higher education institutions, including those offering on-line courses. Learners must obtain prior approval from the district. The request must include the name of the course to be taken, a general description of the course, the length of the course, the name of the institution providing the course, and credit to be awarded at completion.  Any costs for such courses will be the responsibility of the learner or his/her parents or guardians.   An official transcript of the course grade verifying a passing grade must be provided in order for graduation credit to be awarded.  Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) offers college courses to high school students at a 75% discounted rate.  Payment for course credits is the responsibility of the learner or parent/guardian.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the guidance office.  Grades received in accredited college courses will transfer to Marion Center transcripts, GPA, and class rank in the following manner: A = 97%, B = 90%, C = 83%, D = 76%, F will not receive credit.  A three (3) credit college course will transfer to 1 high school credit.  A four (4) credit college course will receive a weighted grade.  Specific programs for interested students can be found below.



Advanced Placement (AP) courses are challenging courses offered by Marion Center teachers that align with College Board standards.  These courses can be taken as AP or College in the Classroom courses.  AP courses teach high level material and require advanced critical thinking skills, as well as extensive reading and writing assignments.  AP Courses allow students to advance beyond high school level course work and earn a weighted grade toward graduation requirements.  Students may be required to complete summer assignments for AP courses prior to taking the course. All AP courses are approved for College in the Classroom credit through Mount Aloysius and/or students can take the AP Exam in May.  It is wise for students taking AP courses to investigate the requirements of the college that they are planning to attend to determine the best option (College in the Classroom credit or an AP exam score).  AP Exams cost approximately $90.  College in the Classroom credits cost approximately $180 per course.  Payment for either option is the responsibility of the learner or parent/guardian. Again, there are opportunities for students to receive grant funding for tuition or AP testing. Contact the Guidance Office for more information.   Current AP Courses include: AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Literature, AP Language and Communication, AP U.S. Government and Politics, and AP U.S. History.



Students and Parents/Guardians are responsible for determining if the college or university they are planning to enroll accepts the dual enrollment credits.  The best way to do this is to contact the admissions office of the college the child is planning to attend.  The Guidance Office is able to assist with questions, but it is the responsibility of the student or parent to ensure credits are transferable. 

To receive college credit for ANY dual enrollment class, students must obtain a final grade of “C” or above.  

Opportunities for financial assistance are available for dual enrollment. Please see Mrs. Pearce for information.  If cost is an issue, please look into these options rather than not scheduling the course.  

Those individuals  interested in taking an Accredited College Course at a college or university can find more information at the links below or should visit or call the Guidance Office at 724-397-5551 X 1140.  Most colleges offer courses at a discounted rate for high school students.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania Dual Enrollment (75% discount for HS students)



Westmoreland County Community College - COLLEGE NOW!



Saint Francis University - Saint Francis WorldWide On-line Program



Saint Francis University - Career Development Series (focuses on Business, Health, and STEM courses)