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Scheduling Procedures

Students received a printed copy of the Course Catalog during a class meeting in March. If you have questions while working through the process with your child, please DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE SCHOOL! Contact information is provided below. Or, you can send a message through the "Ask a Scheduling Question" tab to the right of this screen.



  1. School Counselors will visit students in their English or Social Studies classes to explain the scheduling process and provide students with scheduling packets. 
  2. Students will work with their parents to complete their scheduling forms.  Parents will sign the form and return it to the school with their child by Wednesday March 20. It is important for students and parents to work together to discuss their child’s interests and abilities to help them make sound decisions regarding the scheduling process.
  3. Counselors will be available to students and parents to answer questions and work through any scheduling conflicts.  They can be reached at 724-397-5551 Extension 1140 between the hours of 7:25 am - 3:10 pm, Monday through Friday or after school hours by appointment. They can also be reached by email.  

Grades 7-8      Mrs. Nicole Long, [email protected]  

Grades 9-10 Mrs. Regina Horwat, [email protected]

Grades 10-12    Mrs. Michele Pearce, [email protected] 

  1. Course requests will be collected and tabulated.  The district reserves the right to eliminate courses or move courses to online offerings based upon insufficient course requests or the inability to get students scheduled within a course.  Students will be made aware of such decisions and asked to resubmit a course request, if needed to finalize schedules.
  2. Scheduling conflicts will be identified and families will be contacted to collaboratively resolve those issues.    
  3. Student schedules will be mailed to families over the summer with specified schedule change dates. 


Please take the scheduling process very seriously!   It is imperative that graduation requirements are met in a timely fashion and course selections are matched to coincide with college or university entrance requirements or career or military aspirations.  Because learners should be basing their course selections on their determined career path, schedule changes should be minimal.  We do understand that for certain reasons students will need to request changes once they receive their schedules.  Summer schedule change dates will be provided when schedules are mailed.  Schedule changes will NOT be made to accommodate teacher or classmate preferences. 



A course not required for graduation may be dropped up to and including the 7th day of the first nine weeks of class without the grade earned affecting the student’s academic record. If a subject is dropped after the 7th day, it will be indicated on the student’s record and counted toward the student’s credits attempted. Such a late withdrawal will lower the student’s class ranking and affect honor roll status. There will be no automatic drop/add next term. Therefore, choose your electives wisely.