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Course Description:

Chorus is offered to students in grades 7 & 8. In this course, students will learn and perform vocal music in a wide variety of styles and languages, ranging from beginning, intermediate levels of difficulty that consists of 1-3 parts. Course materials are used to develop musicianship and connect students to history, culture, society, and all other subject areas. This course is designed to develop musicianship as an individual & within the ensemble, while also providing opportunities for students in team building & leadership. In addition to learning proper vocal technique, students will learn & develop music reading skills, sight-singing skills, performance, language, and listening skills. Chorus students have the opportunity to audition for Indiana County Chorus Festival, IUP Honors Choir (CHICC), and PMEA Junior District Chorus Festival. Other performance opportunities will be offered to students as they come up each school year. Two after school concerts are included as requirements for this performance-based course (1 hour each - typically in December & May) and weekly lessons are available for all students. Any additional trips or events outside of school are not required, but encouraged.

Course Syllabus: